Christie Reed

Proof that it can be done!

We absolutely LOVE success stories at Fitcamp 180! Christie started at Fitcamp 180 almost a year ago. She weighed 267 when she walked through the doors. Our trainers and fitness family have embraced her, supported her, and encouraged her so that she can share her testimony with other people. People who feel that there may not be any hope. People who feel that they can't do it. Well, she's PROOF that it CAN be done! There IS hope!

Here's what Christie has to say about her journey so far:

"11 years ago I was diagnosed with a degenerative spinal disease, and I was told to expect to lose most or even all of my mobility. For ten years my life was a mix of hopelessness, pain, medication, and fear. On march 10, 2016 I agreed to go to this crazy sounding fitness facility with my best friend Kim Owen. I was so scared, I was shaking! I have learned so much about myself in the last 11 months, the greatest being that I am more than a diagnosis and I CAN accomplish anything I set my mind to. The physical changes you see are only a small part of my transformation. The biggest change is truly on the inside, the outside is just a reflection of it. I have been coached, mentored, loved and encouraged through my journey not just by Shawn, Travis, Tanner and Evan, but by all of Fitcamp's awesome people who have become like family to me. I am truly blessed to have found Fitcamp 180, it's given me the priceless gift of hope for my future!" - Christie Reed

Your story is inspiring to so many people, Christie! Keep up the hard work. This is YOUR year of prosperity! We love you!

Christie Reed