1,000 Pounds Dropped...

1,000 lbs lost

Every day our members blow our minds with their commitment to changing their lives. But it’s especially inspiring to see this dedication at work during our weight-loss challenges.

For some reason, the push to go the extra mile in our health and fitness journeys during these concentrated weeks … brings even greater results. 
      Our last 30-Day Challenge of 2017 saw some DRAMATIC weight loss by our participants. We were thrilled to see just under 1,000 pounds dropped. That’s A LOT of FAT gone in only 30 days!!
       Longtime member, Stacy White, lost 11.2 pounds and 14.5 inches and feels that these challenges help her whole family get healthy even though she’s the only one who attends the boot camp… “When we do these challenges, my family eats better too. My two children and husband will eat the healthy meals along with me that I make from the challenge meal-plans. My husband hasn’t worked out since high school but lost 15 pounds just from eating what I was eating. It makes us all feel better about ourselves.”
      Chris Fritz shed a whopping 24 pounds and 20 inches and is now a HUGE FC180 fan ... “I was always a skeptic about personal trainers. I was always old-school … you just go to the gym and do your own stuff. But I gave it a try on a challenge from my wife. And it really worked. This is the first time I’ve done a boot camp type thing. And I’m sold!”  
      We say it all the time, because we see the evidence of it every day. Our way of doing fitness at FITCAMP 180 is different. We have seen HUNDREDS OF LIVES CHANGEDand THOUSANDS OF POUNDS SHED over the years. Our members consistently tell us that it’s the accountability, support, community and compassion that gets them their desired results. We don’t believe in quick, weight-loss schemes. Rather, we know from experience that with God, love and hard work … anything is possible—including overcoming obesity, and getting/staying in the best shape of your life—no matter what your limitations are!