Member Spotlight: Dennis

Dennis with Shawn 1   small

You hear it all the time at FITCAMP 180 …

“The hardest steps you’ll take are through the front door.” Well, Dennis walked through the doors at the request of his daughter to attend our 30-Day Weight-Loss Challenge orientation on Sept 23, 2017. “No big deal,” he thought. “What’s one hour of my life gonna hurt?” He agreed to come and just hear what Shawn and Travis had to say. Little did he know that hour would be an answer to prayer.

Dennis praying with Shawn   small

“I didn’t have any clue that there would be a scholarship given to do the challenge. And so when Shawn started talking about how he felt there was someone in the audience who needed help, I felt God tugging on my heart that I was the one who was supposed to raise my hand. I’ve known for a long time that I need to be in better shape. I’ll be 69 this year and I want to be around a lot longer for my family. I’m so blessed to be given this opportunity. I’m excited for what’s ahead.” -Dennis

Dennis hugging Shawn   small

Remember your first few days at FITCAMP and be sure to introduce yourself and encourage Dennis when you see him in class. His goal is to lose 15 pounds in the #30daychallenge. We have a lot of people, like Dennis, who are on fire to lose weight and improve their health and fitness. We can’t wait to see the transformations that are coming in the next month.
These challenges are designed to give people a blueprint and a jumpstart to a healthy LIFESTYLE. Your journey won’t be over in 30 days. But like SO many who have participated in our challenges, your weight-loss journey will be given the boost it needs to make you want to keep going until you reach your goals.
To Dennis and ALL of our challenge participants … we are here to help you every step of the way and we know you CAN DO IT!