Member Spotlight: Melissa W.

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Q. How has FITCAMP 180 impacted / changed your life?

A. Well, my life has been completely changed here! On a personal note, I got sober almost 19 years ago. And I noticed that when I stopped using alcohol I turned to food a lot for stress relief. I also quit smoking ten years ago. You would think the hardest thing to get under control would have been the alcohol or the smoking. But it seems for me that the longest struggle I have had has been with the food and the weight issues. This is the first place I have found that has offered me a solution to that and it has completely changed my life! With the type of workouts that they do, and the environment that they create here, plus the nutrition workshops in the weight-loss challenges – I’ve been able to tackle and accomplish that last piece of my personal recovery … which is the physical.

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Q. How much weight have you lost?

A. I’ve lost a total of 66 pounds since last November! I don’t have the issue of body shaming anymore. I don’t struggle with what to eat on a daily basis. I had no idea walking in here that it would offer me the benefits that it has. I thought I’d come in and do it for a little while and then move on. It’s become a completely new lifestyle for me!


Q. What sets FITCAMP 180 apart from the rest?

A. I have tried everything that you can think of over the years for weight-loss. But I never found the support that I get at FITCAMP 180. When I came in 66 pounds ago I felt awful and shameful of where I had let my body get to. However, when I walked in the door I was met with nothing but smiles and, “Hey, welcome. We’re glad you’re here.” When I would struggle in the workouts, there would always be someone there helping me and saying, “You’ve got this.” I basically felt no judgment. The enthusiasm keeps you going. The community of people that you have to work out and get healthy with, and the level of encouragement and personal attention from the trainers sets FITCAMP 180 way apart from other places. They know your name. They know who you are. They are truly interested in helping you succeed on your journey.

Q. What would you say to encourage people to do the next weight-loss challenge?

A. I would say, “I get where you’re at. I’ve been there.” I remember walking in and thinking, “I can’t do this.” But you know what … YOU CAN! If I can do it … anyone can. Just take the first step. Sign up for the challenge and you’ll be amazed at what happens! You won’t have to do it alone. We will help you!