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special offer

We would like to extend a GREAT OFFER TO THOSE OF YOU WHO WERE ONCE MEMBERS, BUT MOVED ON.  While we understand life happens, we were sad to see you go and WE WANT YOU BACK!!

      This offer is good during the month of November. If you were once a part of FITCAMP and would like to give it another go … YOUR FIRST MONTH BACK WILL BE ONLY $49 – with a renewed membership!!

We would love to continue to help you reach your fitness goals! Give us a call soon at (405) 608-8860 and we can get you signed back up and working out again with us in no time!

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evan training shawn

Evan's Trainer Tip:

    “Okay, I hate to plagiarize, but I’m stealing this one from Travis because it works. So many times I wake up in the morning and it’s easy to hit the snooze button. I understand how hard it can be. BUT, if you will …
  • Make yourself get in that gym 45 minutes every day, and
  • Make yourself eat healthy, and
  • Make yourself drink your water …
  • If you will make yourself have that kind of mindset that there’s nothing that’s going to stop you from proceeding on your fitness journey then …

About FITCAMP 180

We offer an indoor and unique fit camp environment for maximum results. We back up our program with a 30 day no hassle, no hard feelings guarantee. Call us today to schedule a trial workout. 
Our class schedule is 
Monday-Friday 5:00 AM, 6:00 AM, 8:45 AM, and 12:00pm
Monday-Thursday 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM
Saturday at 9:00 AM

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