Trainer Spotlight: Evan Helker

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Not all of the life-changing FITCAMP 180 stories are about weight-loss and improving one’s health. Little did Evan Helker know when he walked through the FC180 doors as a young college freshman training with his soccer team that his whole life path would change.

Although he admits the workouts were a little intimidating at first, he immediately loved and gave his whole heart to them. It didn’t take long for Shawn to see the passion in Evan during those training camps. He saw the heart in this young man and decided to take him under his wing and mentor him. And … the rest is history.

      During his Junior year Evan began to intern as a trainer and a new niche and life direction was formed… “Shawn and Travis have been huge influences in my life. I just felt at home at FITCAMP. Every moment I came in here I loved it.”

Evan Shawn Travis

 Evan originally started out majoring in Marketing with a goal of going into pharmaceutical sales. But aren’t we SO glad he was instead led to give his gifts and talents to FITCAMP 180?

      “I absolutely love being with the people and in the environment here. Being able to be a part of the fuel that creates this environment is something that I thrive on and look forward to every day. I’ve seen this company grow from under 100 people to close to 800! The community here, and the love and encouragement that’s put out every single day … it’s just something you can’t get away from once you start.”  -Evan

      Well, Evan, there’s no way this fitness family is letting you get away! So keep spreading that contagious energy and love … because you’re changing lives and FITCAMP 180 wouldn’t be the same without you.


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