Trainer Spotlight: Jordan McGuire

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It’s only been a few months since Jordan joined the FC180 family as a trainer … 

but his infectious energy and kind spirit have won the hearts of our members real fast! It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, this young man is always bringing the fun, encouragement and that huge smile to each class. 
Jordan is no stranger to the fitness world. He has been an athlete and a wrestler most of his life, and got his start as a professional trainer at Orange Theory. We are very fortunate to have his talent, heart and passion for helping people here at FITCAMP.

“From the very first day I started it’s been an absolute blessing to be at FITCAMP 180. I love it here because I get to help people change their lives and also check-in on and love on people. I hope that what I’m bringing to the team … is not just my knowledge about physical fitness, but being someone who really cares about how people are doing. I would say that FITCAMP 180 is different from other gyms because there is true community here. People really reach out to one another and give of themselves here." -Jordan

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